In a Different Life.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be born in a universe where my parents never escaped from the war. Would I be happier living in the village, where I would be surrounded by family? Surrounded by people who look like me? Would I be healthier from eating (real) organic food? Stronger from…Read more »

The Black Mental Health.

“Mental health issues are not real. Be stronger.” – My black family. If you feel depressed, go have fun. If you’re silently suffering, go hang out with your friends. I would get ripped to shreds if I talked about mental health in a black family. It was fiction. I didn’t understand the way my brain…Read more »

The Sinner.

“Sister, you should not wear jeans.” “Sister, where is your skirt?” “Sister, I can see your neck.” “Sister, why are you not praying?” Brother, MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. The man who thinks he can dictate a woman’s life. Those were the questions I have received over and over again by people I have never met.…Read more »

The Hiji.

Hiji: One that wears and embraces the hijab. The question that I’ve heard one too many times: “Why are you wearing that?” Putting on the hijab was solely my choice, but it didn’t stop people from thinking that I was being forced by an almighty man who will behead me if I don’t (yes –…Read more »

The New Chapter.

I’m writing this post while riding the ferry, feeling refreshed and ready to start anew. In my previous┬ánon-anonymous blog, I got dragged. Don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty nice viewing with lots of people supporting me, those who found a common ground with me, and were genuinely interested in my life. That’s when…Read more »