The Boogeyman.

There was a boogeyman living in my home when I was young. I didn’t understand why he was invited, and why he had to stay for so long, but he was there. I wasn’t able to sleep at night. I knew something was off. My 9 year old self was really confused. Why is the…Read more »


Being confident is hard. I look at all my accomplishments and I feel super blessed of how far I came along. And I couldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mother, who has pushed me everyday to be the best, even when I wasn’t. Fake it ’til you make it –…Read more »

Welcome back, Polio!

I had the most infuriating conversation with a mutual friend – let’s call her Jane. She agrees with Kat Von D about not wanting to vaccinate her soon-to-be-born child, and that if Jane has kids, she wouldn’t vaccinate them. Someone please tell her she can’t take her future children to school. I really don’t understand…Read more »

Black Hair.

Dear black girl, You have made me the topic of unwanted conversation for many years. Every time I went to school, you would come up to me and ask to touch my hair. “Is that your real hair?” “Where did you buy your weave? I know it’s fake.” “Is your mom white?” “You are very…Read more »

Strength Wanted.

Half of the year has gone by. My gym membership remained unused. And my pockets suffered $240. New year resolutions just don’t work. Why is it that we all wait until the clock strikes midnight before we decide to make a change? To eat healthier? To smile more? To lose weight? Bullshit. I woke up…Read more »

A Good Day.

The voices are silent. The rays of the sun hit my face. I am not in pain. I receive a good morning text. I make the perfect cup of coffee. My eye is not twitching. I bike to work. I put on my favourite lipstick. I am confident. I am grateful. I am proud. I…Read more »

Quick Writes.

For as long as I can remember, I would open up my journal and write down my day. My ups and downs. My realizations. My inspirations. My paragraphs didn’t always have structure. They were messy. Filled with mistakes. Sometimes illegible. But they made sense to me. It was my outlet. My way of expression. I…Read more »