Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am obsessed with my mirror. I will always have a quick look every time I notice a mirror.

Touch up my lipstick.

Today, I look beautiful. I have the perfect winged eyeliner. Sharp, bold, and black.

Why can’t everyday be like today? “You look great, Mozzy!”

Other times, I stare and I stare. But I feel nothing. Is this why I am alone? Because I’m not as skinny, as light, as tall, as beautiful as the woman standing beside me?

But however I feel, I still must always look. The more I stare, the more I hate.

Why can’t I just be confident in my own body? I wish it was just a switch that I can turn on. Instead, there is no switch. No light. Only darkness. I can’t see it.

I just want to see it.




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