In a Different Life.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be born in a universe where my parents never escaped from the war. Would I be happier living in the village, where I would be surrounded by family? Surrounded by people who look like me?

Would I be healthier from eating (real) organic food? Stronger from venturing on the long streets to get to the shops?

I would probably be married with at least 5 children… and be indifferent to it. After all, everyone has big families.

I would be bathing in the sun all day. Have a farm with lots of animals. Eat dinner with relatives. Raise a family.

On a different note, would I have the privilege of education? Would I have rights? I most likely would have been glued to the kitchen. At the end of the day, that’s how my parents were raised: If you’re a woman, you must clean and cook. If you’re a man, you must work and bring home the cash.

I am so blessed to have been born in a country where learning is my right, not a privilege. To be able to live on my own and make my own decisions.

Did you ever stop and think about who you would be if you were born in a different life? Gosh, I hear stories about my relatives struggling for money and food. Stuck in a country filled with corruption and terror.

But this is all they know. And they’re happy.

So how come I have everything I can ask for, except for happiness?


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