The Sinner.

“Sister, you should not wear jeans.” “Sister, where is your skirt?” “Sister, I can see your neck.” “Sister, why are you not praying?” Brother, MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

The man who thinks he can dictate a woman’s life.

Those were the questions I have received over and over again by people I have never met. The men that feel they have a say in my life because we share the same religion. Listen: The first thing you learn is to not be judgmental, to be kind, to be understanding, and to be open. But for some reason, you believe that I am in need of change.

My father, the man who taught me all there is about the Abrahamic religions, made me understand that religion is within, and to never force it onto other people.

At one point, I wanted to remove my hijab so that I can stop being judged by these middle aged men. Funny: At times, I was more frightened of the eyes of my Muslim brothers.

It would have been nice if I can say that it doesn’t affect me. But it does.




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