The Boogeyman and The Interruption

“Mozzy? Mooooozzy?” “I have to go. My brother is calling me. I can’t leave him in the bathroom alone, he’s only a baby…. Please I have to go. Please let me go”. And so he let me go. No tears were falling. I felt no sadness. Just numbness. The usual. And so I went to…Read more »

Just Say It.

Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s official. I have fallen in love. You wrap my brain over and over. Appear in my dreams every night. You are what I want. What I need. You made me laugh in the darkest times. Pushed me to be better. To be kinder. To be prouder. I saw you everyday…Read more »

Morning Thoughts.

I want to smile. I want to laugh. Like I mean it. Mornings I wake up with the sun hitting my face. No gratitude for another day. No bliss from the warmth. Instead, I squint and look away. Didn’t I close the curtains? My brain is always racing. Always thinking. SHUT UP. I want to…Read more »

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am obsessed with my mirror. I will always have a quick look every time I notice a mirror. Touch up my lipstick. Today, I look beautiful. I have the perfect winged eyeliner. Sharp, bold, and black. Why can’t everyday be like today? “You look great, Mozzy!” Other times, I stare and I stare. But…Read more »

Open Up.

Have you ever had an intervention for your emotions? I have. Apparently, I don’t display my emotions well. And it bothers people. “I don’t really want to talk about it.” I say. “Why don’t you trust us?” They say. It’s so weird. People tell me to “open up more” and to “let them in”, but…Read more »